Privacy Policy

1. Web Draw Concept website is owned and managed exclusively by Web Draw Concept SRL.

2. Web Draw Concept collects information that users provide directly to this site (eg name, e-mail etc..) Where the users express explicitly the option to receive messages from Web Draw Concept on professional activities and company's business offers. Purpose of processing such information is business communication and professional updates of Web Draw Concept or interaction and exchange of ideas between members discussion lists on topics relevant to the industry in which the company operates.

3. Web Draw Concept will not disclose or sell personal information provided by users who express this option. This information is used solely to inform the user about the work and business of Web Draw Concept.

4. The user has the right to remove any of their personal information in possession Web Concept Draw whatever reason as follows:

- user will contact Web Draw Concept via the contact page or in writing by mail that request and deleting specific information.