UNICORE is a web platform developed in PHP, which contains the basic components required to develop a simple website, automating the process of its creation and development and eases earlyer changes. The platform can integrate 3rd party scripts.


Speed Optimised

The system was optimized to load fast pages of a website. The system exceeds an average of 90 % of sites tested using other systems, obtaining up to 765 ms for a page with below 1 mb size and 1.51 sec for 2mb page size thus proving its competitiveness*.

website test speed

website test speed

* The test was conducted with Pingdom on Web Draw Concept website. Charging time may vary depending on the site and internet provider.

easy to configure

Due to the " LCH System (Line Code Hint System) " you benefit explanatory information for each line of code that is important and necessary to optimize the site you build.

php code


System Characteristics