Web Design

Web Design

What is Web Design?

The web design has many aspects.

First, web design is what will allow to establish a contact with the user in the online enviroiment. This is what arises his eyes, which will arouse their curiosity and encourage them to stay on the site.

But web design is more than that...

Web design is primarily a substantial work on ergonomics, design and the tree structure of the site so that navigation to be more fluid and more intuitive as possible for users.

Optimizing the structure of a website

Before you think about optimizing a web content, it is important to consider its structure...

A well designed site allows visitors to find in an instant specific information about the object of his search.

You should not forget that a website is not only to delight the eyes of users. A quality design is certainly a point of the utmost importance, but if the structure does not, the visitor will get bored and leave the site to go elsewhere.

Optimizing the ergonomy and content of a website

Internet users are demanding consumers and they quickly lose patience mainly due to the abundance of information, sometimes poorly managed and provided to the user, but also because of their diversity.

Internet users are demanding consumers and they quickly lose patience if your website is not properly optimised!

It is therefore vital to properly optimize ergonomics and content of a website, to ensure that the visitors remains on site continuing their visit and they are not only for the information they are looking for.

Optimizing your website with Web Draw Concept

We believe that the essence of a website is to allow the user to easily find the information they are looking for and can navigate intuitively , according to his wishes and without the risk of geting lost.

Besides look aesthetically pleasing, a website must be effectively and responsibly to meet specific objectives.

In addition, the ergonomics must be adapted to your target and promote its conversion rate . Thus, it fully serve the primary purpose of your website, which is generally to provide a product or service.

We also know that each medium has its own characteristics and how to communicate and write on a website is more specific. Our team of copywriters therefore fits your content and optimize for SEO in order to achieve maximum impact on your target.


A beautiful graphic design is far from sufficient. In addition to look aesthetically pleasing must be efficient and accountable to accomplish specific goals.

For Web Draw Concept web design is more than just an appearance idea. It's a direction, a foundation, a univers for the user to identify himself.

Whether you want a presentation site or a blog with CMS, whether you want an online catalog or an e-comerce website, our designers will create for the start a concept according to the work witch you perform, the message you want to send and target you want to achieve.

On the secondary step we can discuss a printing solution for designing the business cards, letterhead letter, bid files, pens, promotional materials for your company.

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