SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

What is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is ensuring the optimization of the web pages for search engines. It's improving your website's position, in the hierarchy of results provided by the search engines, when a user enters one or more keywords related with your business.

A SEO optimized website will be found more easily on search engines and will benefit from a top position on the page.

Optimization and indexing your site on Google is actually vital to your company's success, if your site is not indexed or is poorly optimized for Google, it's like you do not exist online. Statistics show that over 80% of visitors usually go to a site through a search engine (Google, Yahoo or Bing).

By optimizing your site for search engines will increase the number of visitors but also the reputation and income of the company.

What optimisation should you use for your website?

In most cases we recommend all indexing solutions:

Natural Indexing that is also called organic or free indexing, optimizing the website and its content to appear in the top results when a user performs a search.

Paid Indexing like Adwords type or Link Building, both are similar to an ad in a newspaper. When a user performs a search on one or more keywords related to your business, your website appears in the results page. When a user performs a search on one or more keywords related to your business, your website appears in a list of online ads on the results page.

Social Network promotionIt is known that at present social networks are the most used online methods to meet new people and business partners but especially they represent very good promotion methods that are effective and cheap.

Web Copywrite It was found that surfers read 20% slower on a web page than on paper. To ensure that the user who discovered your website remains, and possibly increasing your conversion rate, it is necessary to have quality content. Therefore we must write relevant and effective texts, in order to bring the user the information he seeks. Furthermore, these texts must also be attractive and good sellers, thereby promoting conversion.

Steps for website optimisation with Web Draw Concept

1. First, our team will carry out an SEO audit where we identify some keywords for your business and your goals. This allows us to evaluate your needs and offer the best solution to meet them.

2. We will focus on the technical aspect of your site, namely the availability (the HTML code is the most important for search engines) and structure (site architecture, construction, appearance).

3. Then we will work on your site content we write new texts and we will optimize the oldest, taking into account recommendations from Google. Our goal is to produce original content, unique and interesting for the user.

4. Finally, we will conduct a netlinking work. It is important to have quality links pointing to your website, since this is the target of multiple links, most search engines will recognize the popularity and he will place in the top results.

If you wish, we can also coupling SEO optimization of your site with an online online website promotion through Google AdWords, thus increasing overall efficiency referencing.

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