Web Development

Web Development

Once the design of your website is done and ready, your website needs to take shape.This is where web development of your web site begins.

What is web developement?

Web Development deals with creating the technical aspect of your site. This is the programming phase of the site which is achieved through a codding work that will eventually lead to publish Your site on the internet.

If you don't have already a website and you are looking to develop a business Web Draw Concept will help you create your website ensuring a good visibility on the web. We can build your website based on open source platforms like Wordpress or Joomla or for more complex websites, we can build a custom platform for you with help from our software development team.

Our sites comply with W3C standards.

This means that they are designed to be universally accessible and as it should be displayed in any Web browser. Also we make sure that the stage of web development programming your site will be "google friendly" meaning to be SEO optimized.

Website redesign

The Internet is in a constant development.

A website has an average lifespan of three years after which it is indicated to be brought to modern standards.

If you have already spent time making a website and you want to update it will be even more effective. Your customers will always want regularly updated content, in parallel with the design time and good working order. We will take care of the organization and content of your website to make it more attractive and dynamic.

What is your website type?

Each website created can be uniquely custom designed to fit your needs such as:

presentation website, blog with CMS

online catalog with CMS

e-commerce website